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Blanche Deveraux

The Blanche Deveraux Biographie


Blanche Elizabeth Deveraux (B.E.D):
Blanche Deveraux is a Southern Belle corrently living in Miami FL.Blanche's husband, George died in the house.
After some time Blanche decided to rent the 3 empty rooms. That's how she met Dorothy, Rose, and Sophia. Ms. Deveraux is working in a Museum for a short time with her best friend Dorothy. Blanche is a slut like no other. Blanche is a sexually active woman in her 50's who claims to be in her late 30's and getting younger everyday! Even though Blanche might seem like a bad girl, she is a really a little girl with sweet sexy feelings. Blanche Elizabeth Deveraux is a true Southern Belle.

-Blanche likes to have sex,sex,sex!
-She likes to visit the Rusty Anchor (Bar).
-Mix margaritas on mens' mouths at the Rusty Anchor.

Blanche Nicknames:
-Slut Puppy
-Cheap Tramp