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Sophia Petrillo

The Sophia Petrillo Biographie


Sophia Petrillo:
Sophia Petrillo is a woman in her 80's with much love and curses to give. Sophia is from Sicily. She is a mother of 3 Dorothy, Gloria, and Phil. And is currently living with her daughter Dorothy and 2 other roommates in Miami. Sophia is a strong woman who likes to insult evrybody! After 7 years with her daughter, Blanche, and Rose. Blanche decided to sell the house and buy a hotel "The Golden Palace Hotel". In her new home she helped out picking the meals of the day and cooking perfect Italian food.

-Insult family
-Curse her neighboors
-Buy a nectoring and do charity at a hospital
-Find men for her daughter Dorothy
-Call Blanche a tramp and chip slut

-Sicilian Gecco