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The Biographies of your favorite Golden Girls Dorothy,Blanche,Rose,and Sophia.

Dorothy Zbornak:
Dorothy Zbornak was born in Brooklyn N.Y.,Dorothy is over 50 years old woman who lives in Miami, FL. and works as a subitute teacher in Miami High Schools. Ms. Zbornak lives with her 2 roomates Rose and Blanche at 6151 Richmond Street not long passed until her mother Sophia Petrillo came to live with them after her retirement home burned down. Dorothy is divorced from Stanely Zbornak after 38 years and 2 kids Kate Zbornak and Michael Zbornak. After 7 long and happy years Dorothy found Lucas Hollingworth, Blanche's uncle and got married.

-Dorothy likes to read on saturday nights and check school work.
-Slamming the door on her ex-husband Stan.
-Hitting Rose after she says, asks, does something stupid or dumb.

Dorothys NickNames:
-Spamoni Face
-Pussy Cat

Blanche Elizabeth Deveraux (B.E.D):
Blanche Deveraux is a Southern Belle corrently living in Miami FL.Blanche's husband, George died in the house.
After some time Blanche decided to rent the 3 empty rooms. That's how she met Dorothy, Rose, and Sophia. Ms. Deveraux is working in a Museum for a short time with her best friend Dorothy. Blanche is a slut like no other. Blanche is a sexually active woman in her 50's who claims to be in her late 30's and getting younger everyday! Even though Blanche might seem like a bad girl, she is a really a little girl with sweet sexy feelings. Blanche Elizabeth Deveraux is a true Southern Belle.

-Blanche likes to have sex,sex,sex!
-She likes to visit the Rusty Anchor (Bar).
-Mix margaritas on mens' mouths at the Rusty Anchor.

Blanche Nicknames:
-Slut Puppy
-Cheap Tramp

Rose Nylund:
Rose Nylund is a farm girl born in St. Olaf. She lived there with her husband Charlie Nylund. After her husband died, she moved to Miami. And in Miami she meet Blanche in the supermarket. Blanche offerd a room that she was renting and Rose accepted. Rose is the naive one, but sometimes is annoying. Rose likes to tell LONG and BORING stories about her hometown, St.Olaf, Which all the other girls hate!

-Rose likes to WIN in everything!
-Act Stupid.
-Dress Stupid.
-Tell BORING St.Olaf stories!

-Rosie, By her mother

Sophia Petrillo:
Sophia Petrillo is a woman in her 80's with much love and curses to give. Sophia is from Sicily. She is a mother of 3 Dorothy, Gloria, and Phil. And is currently living with her daughter Dorothy and 2 other roommates in Miami. Sophia is a strong woman who likes to insult evrybody! After 7 years with her daughter, Blanche, and Rose. Blanche decided to sell the house and buy a hotel "The Golden Palace Hotel". In her new home she helped out picking the meals of the day and cooking perfect Italian food.

-Insult family
-Curse her neighboors
-Buy a nectoring and do charity at a hospital
-Find men for her daughter Dorothy
-Call Blanche a tramp and chip slut

-Sicilian Gecco